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Perpetual Global

Perpetual Global

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Perpetual Global Technologies is in the business of design and development of recycling technologies focusing on making end applications using post-consumer used PET (p-cPET) plastic bottles. Polygenta Technologies limited, a subsidiary of Perpetual, manufactures environmentally beneficial, sustainable Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) from p-cPET bottles at its plant in Nashik, India. The company has executed a commercially proven breakthrough polyester production technology at Nashik (India) and makes use of post-consumer PET bottles to convert into useful finished products such as polyester filament yarn, films and various other end use applications. The Company runs a 25 tons/day plant at Nasik and supplies high quality recycled yarn to global sporting and fashion brands. 

Polygenta manufactures high-quality esters from post-consumer PET bottles using its proprietary and fully patented ReNEW technology. Mr. M. N. Sudhindra Rao, a veteran in the textile industry, serves as the CEO of Polygenta. 

Ventureast invested in Polygenta in 2013 through its Ventureast Life Fund III. Today, Polygenta converts over a million waste PET bottles per day into 100% recycle content, premium quality polyester yarns, and exports worldwide.


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