Our portfolio features market-leading companies like India's first & largest home-healthcare services company, India’s largest organic foods company, India’s largest ethnic fast food chain, India’s first and unique low-cost ATM, among others.



IQLECT is into Big Data Analytics – Predictive Real Time Stream Processing of high volume, high velocity (un)structured data from multiple streams.

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IQLECT is a cost effective, ready to use, all-in-oneconverged real time big data analytic platform making real time big dataanalytics simple, pervasive and affordable for all.

Real time insights are the need of the hour for businessessuch as e-commerce, financial services, web and digital media, personalized andtargeted marketing, mobility and internet of things. IQLECT's big data platformenables users to collect, process and visualize data in real time (in subsecond fashion)

IQLECT offers the platform as service on cloud and also beshipped as a converged box. The convergence of all necessary software andhardware in one box makes the proposition highly scalable, cost effective, easyto integrate and accelerates time to market for enterprises.

BangDB by IQLECT is distributed, transnational, key value,document database which is written in C/C++ from ground up for highperformance, robustness and ease of use. BangDB is available for free downloadunder BSD license at www.bangdb.com/download.php



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