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Goli Vada Pav

Goli Vada Pav

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Goli is a quick service food-chain with 120+ stores across Central and South India, focused on providing clean and hygiene street food (vadapav, the Indian equivalent of the burger). The differentiating factors include its Indianized food mass appeal, standardization of quality and low capex scalable operating model.

Goli's products have met the first criterion of a fast food chain i.e. mass appeal across varied parts of Indian geography. Goli's stores have become a huge hit right from Mumbai, other parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Goli has achieved standardization of food taste and quality by exclusively partnering with a global food processing company and replicating the food processing and supply chain of a global QSR chain - thus reducing wastage, pilferage and improving operating margins.

Goli operates on a 'grab and go' store model that requires low set-up costs to scale and relatively higher returns on investments than other QSR chains. Goli was founded by Venkatesh Iyer and Shivadas Menon, serial entrepreneurs with prior experience in corporate consultancy, franchisee management and retail. Ventureast's investment in Goli in August 2011, has aided the company to set up training centres for their staff, putting in place audit and MIS systems, and brand-building exercises. Ventureast has also brought on board; Radhakrishan, former CEO of Reliance Retail with 26 years of food retailing experience as a strategic advisor.


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