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eYantra is one of India's earliest and leading brand merchandising and corporate gifting company. The Company fulfills corporate merchandising needs through customized products and services that symbolize the character of the brand. 

eYantra provides physical brand stores and online brand stores solutions that help organizations reward, motivate and create loyalty among employees, customers and channel partners. It has built and sustained a competitive advantage by targeting customers in a unique manner and by adopting a low-cost customer acquisition model. 

eYantra’s founder is one of the first entrepreneurs to conceive and execute the idea of customized online brand merchandising. The management team has a rich background which combines brand merchandising and online retailing. 

When approached through an investor in one of Ventureast’s funds, the fund manager quickly recognized eYantra’s potential in the products and services it offered. Ventureast has invested in eYantra through the Proactive Fund in March 2008. Today, the company is the single largest source of all merchandizing products, with over 1000 clients and a presence in seven cities across India. 

The investment in eYantra is atypical given its focus on selling mass customization products through the internet to corporates’ employees, while traditionally other investments in this space have gone into building companies focused on selling branded off-the-shelf products through the internet.


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