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Dodla Diary

Dodla Diary

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Dodla Dairy is one of the top three private sector dairies in South India, with state-of-the-art plants and a proprietary procurement and distribution network spread across three states. The opportunity was presented to the fund manager during a chance meeting with an old acquaintance in an elevator. Sensing the competence of the entrepreneurs, the potential in the investment, and the market opportunities presented by the deregulation of the dairy sector, the fund manager moved quickly to escalate the opportunity and make the investment through the APIDC Fund.  

From being just a business plan in the year 2000, the company has today built impressive numbers in terms of revenue and operating income, despite many other dairies in its genre shutting shop. As the lead investor, Ventureast has guided and partnered the firm in recruiting key personnel, tying up with international partners, enhancing operational efficiency by setting up MIS and ERP systems, and securing working capital. In 2012, Dodla became the first diary in India to obtain a global energy management system certification from TUV SUD Asia. 

Between 2003 and 2010, Ventureast exited its entire stake in Dodla Dairy realizing 13.5x return on its investment. Today Dodla is a >Rs 1000 crore turnover company which is poised to achieve greater growth and market leadership in the coming years. 


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India's largest home-healthcare company with 4,500 employees and 1 lakh patient visits/month

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