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Central Parking Services

Central Parking Services

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Building Control Solutions (Brand Name: Central Parking Services) is India's largest parking management company with presence across 30 cities, managing 70+ locations with 50000+ parking bays handling 54MM+ vehicles annually. The Company is emerging as an end-to-end parking solutions operating acorss building (design engineering, installation), operating & managing parking site.

The Company has built a scalable business model leveraging its streamlined processes and "Command Centre" connecting real time with all parking which enables: manage revenues, equipment, manpower, complaints & audit functions centrally Founded by Sathyanarayanan (a first generation entrepreneur) in 1996 as a firm installing control products and building automation systems. It made a strategic shift in 2002 to parking management and started operating under the brand name "Central Parking Services".

Ventureast invested in CPS through the Proactive Fund in December 2010. Since investment, Ventureast has been helping the company additional funding (reduce cost of capital) and enhance its information systems for better operational and financial planning.


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