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About Us

We are contrarians; though our raison d’etre goes beyond making contrarian investment choices. Our proactive effort to differentiate our investee partners is our other fundamental credo. We love to venture into new markets, and we are here to back you up and your cutting-edge ideas, to help you navigate the challenges of building a business related to India. Simply speak to Prakash, Tejpreet, Jairaj, Subbu, Vishal or Shiva to learn more…

As with our investing and operating style, Ventureast adopts a differentiated approach to constructing its investor partnerships, with a view to better support our investees. A number of these investors are repeat investors, confirming the value we bring to our Limited Partners as well. 

Ventureast’s Limited Partners include three broad categories:  Indian financial institutions, consisting of commercial banks and insurance companies, which can further support investee companies with debt, working capital, and soft loans; global, multilateral financial institutions which can support investee companies with foreign currency debt, grants and sector-expert connectivity; and international institutions such as large family offices, pension funds and insurance companies, among others.

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