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About Us

We are contrarians; though our raison d’etre goes beyond making contrarian investment choices. Our proactive effort to differentiate our investee partners is our other fundamental credo. We love to venture into new markets, and we are here to back you up and your cutting-edge ideas, to help you navigate the challenges of building a business related to India. Simply speak to Prakash, Tejpreet, Jairaj, Subbu, Vishal or Shiva to learn more…

We partner with trailblazing entrepreneurs. Your passionately conceived vision and its fit with our contrarian investment approach is what define us. Simply talk to our investee partners to learn more.

Talk to Jairaj, a seasoned mariner who built India’s leading port-management services business from ground up;

TP (Tejpreet Chopra), ex-CEO of GE India, who had the vision to address India’s energy needs in a ‘clean’ manner;

Prakash, ex- i-flex, who wanted to build a platform for the un-banked in rural India;

Subbu, who soon after his MBA at ISB saw a unique opportunity to build enzyme solutions to conserve food, water and energy across several industries;

Vishal, who incubated his idea at IIT Bombay, and is on his way to building a world class data security business; and

Siva, who had already built a multi-hundred crore meat processing business but saw a need to radically change his business model. 

At Ventureast, we focus on rapidly growing businesses that have clearly defined competitive advantages. Our approach is defined by:

  • ‘Venture-style’ investing - investments over multiple rounds to match the business requirements.  
  • Proactive value addition- engaging experts from our network, and providing operational and strategic counsel.
  • Fund raising and clear exit strategies.

Many of us having been entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that the journey can be demanding. We are passionate about what we do, we are extremely hands-on, and we have delivered great returns.

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