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About Us

We are contrarians; though our raison d’etre goes beyond making contrarian investment choices. Our proactive effort to differentiate our investee partners is our other fundamental credo. We love to venture into new markets, and we are here to back you up and your cutting-edge ideas, to help you navigate the challenges of building a business related to India. Simply speak to Prakash, Tejpreet, Jairaj, Subbu, Vishal or Shiva to learn moreā€¦

`Ventureast is a pioneering Indian VC fund manager with close to $300 million under management. We have a rich history of investing in innovative businesses across multiple sectors, and multiple stages of a business - from seed and early to growth stages. 

Guided by the singular credo “We Differentiate, You Win”, Ventureast has enabled over 60 businesses in Technology, Life Sciences and emerging sectors to become leaders in their individual spaces. The company has a proven track record of investments and exits, aided by a strong founding team which has been with Ventureast for over 15 years and who understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem well.

The Ventureast Proactive Fund, Ventureast Life Fund and Ventureast Tenet Fund II feature a wide investor base (Limited Partners) consisting of institutional investors from across the world.

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